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With just a mobile, you can earn money from UKdigital Plus Membership!

Let’s understand how this earn money online program works and how you can use it to earn passive income online from your home with just a mobile or laptop.

What is Plus Program?

It is our mission to give an income for surviving to the people of Uttarakhand while using the resources they already have. A person from a family can join the “UKdigital Company Plus Membership”.

What type of work do I need to do?

You’ll work on given tasks that are selected by you while joining the membership. These works include social media, content writing, editing, photography, marketing, SEO, and the ukdigital community. You’ll get the training for how to do it for free?

What is UKdigital Community Plus Member

Plus membership is a rewards program by UKdigital for contributing posts in the community. You can apply to be a premium member of our community. Simply register as a member of the community and send us an email with your Username and your interest in joining Plus Program. Please mention “Plus Membership” in your email subject.

Once your profile is verified, you can start participating in the community as a Plus Member.

How does it work?

  1. You start with Level 0 and Reach up to Highest Level 10.
  2. Get a Trusted member badge at Level 3 & start earning. (After 50 posts in the community.)
  3. Reach your maximum daily posts limit.
  4. Get paid directly in your bank account.

It is simple and easy.

Don’t wait to be a Plus Member. Limited seats!

First Come – First Get.

Understand Community Levels

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