UKDIGITAL.in is a web portal for the Uttarakhand State of India. We believe it is the best and first digital portal of Uttarakhand. We provide various products & services from a digital marketing agency to an e-commerce mart for the UK.

From a job portal to a complete business directory for Uttarakhand. Also, connecting people on various platforms like Ask Uttarakhand, Facebook Groups, Uttarakhand Tourism, and many more.

Basically, you find a complete online solution for Uttarakhand.

Why choose UKdigital?

We provide the best digital services in the market. However, we are far beyond that!

Our Vision

UK Digital’s vision is to turn Uttarakhand into something that our name represents- a digital portal of Uttarakhand. Our vision is to ensure that every people get the right education and right services for the right price, to help rural Uttarakhand for the self living, the voice of a business so that reaches beyond its streets and connect with the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make you aware of digital things in the world. From taking your business online to selling your business online. Our aim to provide Digital Seva to all Uttarakhandi people. So, you can learn about digital and be loyal to our Dev Bhoomi.

Below, we mention the names of our services that we offer at UKDIGITAL.in

Dev Bhoomi Digital Agency (DBDA)

Dev Bhoomi Digital Agency (DBDA) is a digital service agency located in Haldwani, Uttarakhand.

This Business is owned by UKdigital.in and providing services to small business owners who want to take their business online. DBDA team uses the latest methodologies to give your best benefits from the digital world. We work to increase online traffic and help your business grow.

UKdigital e-Mart

UKDIGITAL e-Mart is an online shopping portal of Uttarakhand. Find the best products directly from the Uttarakhand land and get delivery anywhere. (Right now we’re operating in Nainital and Almora District only.)

  • We providing the lowest rate in the market.
  • We provide a 100% quality product at the price.
  • We providing organic products directly from rural Uttarakhand.
  • We provide easy communication & a guide for 100% transparency.

Business Directory

We want to support our Uttarakhand business and help to improve our state economy. Here at Uttarakhand Business Directory we list best-in-class businesses.

We list verified businesses that are trusted and providing good quality products and services in Uttarakhand.

UKDIGITAL believes in humanity and requests all to be loyal to everyone. If you also believe that fare business is a good thing then you can list your business with UKDIGITAL.in.

Go to our Business Directory.

Uttarakhand Community

Whether you want to increase your general knowledge about Uttarakhand or want to ask anything about Uttarakhand State, tourism, culture, music, history, industries, companies, schools & colleges, etc. This Uttarakhand Community forum is just for you.

Go and explore our questions bank or just ask your question about the Uttarakhand State of India.

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