Chitai Golu Devta Temple Almora

Chitai Golu Devta Temple is located in the Almora district of Uttarakhand state. The temple is dedicated to Golu Devta, “The God of Justice”. The temple is located on the Pithoragarh Highway and is 8 km from the district headquarter in Almora. The temple is also known as “चितई ग्वेल”. A few steps away from the road, a grand temple of Golu Devta has been built on a high hill. Inside the temple, there is a statue of Golu Devta riding a white horse and holding a bow and arrow. Golu Devta is the local “Favorite God (इष्ट देव)” of most people in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand.

History of Chitai Golu Temple

The Dev-Darbar of Uttarakhand is not only known for the worship of Gods and Goddesses, boons but also for justice. The temple is dedicated to Golu Devta, the mythological god of the Kumaon region and an incarnation of Shiva. It is believed that this temple was built by a general of the Chand dynasty in the 12th century.

According to another story, Golu Devta was a general in the army of Raja Baz Bahadurchand (1638-1678), and died while displaying courage in a battle. The Chitai temple in Almora was established in his honor. This temple is situated on a hill surrounded by thick forests of pine, deodar, and mimosa. Every year a large number of local devotees come here to offer prayers and bells.

Chitai Golu Mandir Recognitions

As you step into the temple premises you’ll see the rows of bells. They are countless, even the people of the temple (Pujari) could not know the number of these bells which are seen in every corner of the temple. It is also called the “temple of bells” by the local people of Uttarakhand.

Many written applications (Chitti) are made by the devotees for the fulfillment of their wishes in the Chitai Gairar Golu Mandir. Because it is believed that those who do not get justice from anywhere reach the shelter of Golu Devta. And people also believe that “Golu Devta always does justice”. Because Golu Devta is considered the “God of justice” (Nyay Ke Devta).

In the temple of Golu Devta, people write their wishes on paper, and when their wishes are fulfilled, they offer bells. According to beliefs, if a newly married couple comes to this temple, their relationship lasts for 7 lives.

How to Reach Chitai Golu Mandir?

By Rail – Kathgodam Railway Station is the nearest railway station. Distance from Kathgodam to Chitai Golu Temple – 88.7Km

By Air – Pantnagar Air Port is the nearest airport at a distance of 123 km. You can hire a cab from the airport to Golu Mandir Almora.

By Road – You can use your personal vehicle or taxi to reach Golu Devta Temple. Its located 8.4 Km distance from Almora.

Distance of Chitai Golu Temple from different places in India

  • Distance from Ranikhet to Chitai Golu Temple – 50.5 Km
  • Distance from Haldwani to Chitai Golu Temple – 96 Km
  • Distance from Dehradun to Chitai Golu Temple – 360.6 Km
  • Distance from Delhi to Chitai Golu Temple – 384.4 Km
  • Distance from Bangalore to Chitai Golu Temple – 2311.7 Km

Places to visit near Chitai Golu Temple

If you have already visited the temple so early you can enjoy your day with these beautiful destinations nearby Golu Devta Mandir.

  • Kasar Devi
  • Nanda Devi Temple Almora
  • Deer Park
  • Katarmal Sun Temple
  • Jageshwar
  • Vridh Jageshwar Temple
  • Sarada math
  • Jhankar Saim Temple

Other Golu Devta Temple in Kumaon Mandal

As Golu Devta is the regional God so there are many more Golu Devta Mandirs located in the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand.

  1. Chitai Golu Devta Temple
  2. Gairar Golu Devta Mandir
  3. Champawat Golu Devta Temple
  4. Ghorkhal Golu Devta Temple
  5. Tarikhet Golu Devta Temple
  6. Chamarkhan Golu Devta Temple

Hotel near Chitai Golu Devta Mandir Almora

If you are late by night to visit the temple and plan to visit the mandir early the next morning. So, below are some accommodations or stays you can spend your night.

  • Mohan’s Binsar Retreat
  • Hotel Shivalik
  • Sunita Elite
  • AyurVAID Kalmatia
  • Imperial Heights Binsar

If you might have any other questions so you can ask them in the comments or you can find the answers in the FAQs section.

Who built the Golu Devta temple?

 It is believed that this temple was built by a general of the Chand dynasty in the 12th century.
According to another story, Golu Devta was a general in the army of Chand Raja, Baz Bahadur (1638-1678), and died while displaying bravery in a battle. In his honor, the Chitai temple was established in Almora.

Which temple of Almora is famous for the bells and letters of justice?

Chitai Golu Devta Temple.

Chitai Golu Devta Temple timings?

Timings Open and Close: 06:00 am to 08:00 pm.

What is the contact number of Chitai Golu Devta temple?

You can call this number for temple-related queries. 9837032211

What is the Chitai Golu Devta temple postal address?

Chitai, SH 37, Almora, Uttarakhand 263601

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